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Here you can find an overview of software projects of the Software Development Thomas Schössow. All products listed here are running on Windows 8.1, 10 or 11. You can download each software from the respective project pages as a limited test version and use it without a time limit. The software on this page can be further developed individually if desired. Business Software for Windows – Customizable on request.

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Own website with FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) if any problems occur. A lot of additional information about the individual applications.

Simple Updating

All updates within the same major version are included in the price. Reduced prices apply for updating to the next major version.

Developing software

Software development has been a passion of mine since the days of Windows 3.1. But even before that there were first excursions into the world of machine code. But it was not yet clear at that time that working with software would one day become my profession.

hauptbildschirm schluesselverwaltung tskey5-300-1

Key management with TSKEY

The key management software TSKEY 5 is a key management software for schools, authorities, companies, banks, and commerce. Mechanical keys can be conveniently managed in any number in key boxes. Keys can be assigned to each cylinder. Keys can be lent to persons and returned. Of course, the necessary receipts can be generated. Due to the complete administration, you can make an exact statement at any time about who has which keys, who can open which cylinders, and much more.

Contract-Management TSContract

The contract management TSContract 6 is a completely new development as a successor to TSContract 5. The program presents itself completely new, with a completely new code base and data model as well as a new interface, with a greatly expanded range of functions.
The contract management team works with Microsoft Office, using the new Docx and Xlsx formats for reports and correspondence. Reports and correspondence can also be created and output directly in PDF format. No Office is required to operate TSVertrag. The software itself provides everything necessary.

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